Sunday, 19 May 2019

Walking the Rod

Another weekend and a million & one things on my list to get done, teak oil all the garden furniture was the top of my list this weekend and after almost a full day of it yesterday I was glad to head out last night to stretch my legs and walk the bank looking for fish.

I simply threw a box of dry flies in my wader pocket and headed out after tea last night. I knew the river was low and clear & was hoping that I might at least see a rising fish or two.

Sitting at the top of the beat scanning for almost 30 minutes saw no fish moving at all, no fly life nothing moving at all! heading down the beat was much the same I would walk 200m or so then stop and scan where I had come from and where I was heading but all with the same results...No movement at all.

My mind started to wander and I was amazed at the amount of debris the last big water had brought downstream & actually how high it had accumulated.

The picture does this no justice but the height of the wooden crate at the top of the pile is about 13ft high in the air.

The amount of colour on the bank at the moment was something else that caught my eye with the yellow's of the marsh marigolds and the pinks of the red campion.

I had walked the full beat and I saw one rise right at the bottom which I knew was only a small par, but nevertheless I decided to wet the flies and give it a cast before heading back to the car & sure enough up it came first time over, so not a totally fruitless walk, it was good to be on the bank just for the exercise and stretch my legs off after the day spent with the teak oil & furniture.

Its been a week where I've been getting used to the new camera I bought myself, as I felt that it was time to upgrade from the 2nd hand DLSR that I bought myself 2 years ago so after saving  I purchased a new Canon 77D.

This is a view I took on the way home from work the other day & to think I get the pleasure of seeing this most days on my way to work.

then the very same night I had the pleasure of this moon.

And finally on Thursday night nature showed me again how beautiful it can be with this sunset, taken from the upstairs window of the house. 

Nature is a wonderful thing without a doubt!


  1. George I love that brown, my style.
    Interesting fly as well...care to give some details?

    1. Hi Alan,
      The fly in question is my own rendition of a Jingler fly, it burst onto the scene a few years ago & I make my own variations of it to suit the hatch, I've made March brown, Light Olives etc, and all take fish.


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