Sunday, 19 August 2018

Mixed Bag

Sitting yesterday afternoon chilling on the couch with a book & the TV on in the background turned down a fraction, I had no intentions of fishing due to the gusting winds hitting the front window but was hoping to get out today for a few hours, I knew the river was up at the maximum fishable level and that the winds were supposed to subside today so would make for some interesting fishing.

That was until I peered over the top of my book and saw the amount of rain that was forecast overnight for the region...I thought the wind would have to gust as there would be no way of fishing tomorrow so better get out if I wanted a few hours.

I drove up the Dale just after 5pm and parked up, I've not been to this section for quite a while due to the river being so low, but it always fishes well with some water in it so headed down and sat in the overgrown bankside vegetation peering out over the river.

A vast array of colours and flowers surrounding me, the yellow being more prominent.

It was very much at the top of the fishable levels and its normally peaty colour when up this high.

I seen a couple of small rises in the slacker water behind an overhanging willow but nothing to justify any dry fly movement, so opted for a couple of nymph patterns.

I had been fishing for about an hour trying in all the usual lies I knew there would be fish in this height of water and nothing and then just as your mind starts to think am I doing something wrong or are the nymphs not to their liking I hit a fish.

You always have moments of doubt when your mind starts telling you that your doing something wrong and with the river being at this height it restricts the places you can fish safely and I had all but exhausted all mine before this trout decided it took a liking to the nymphs.

I sat on the bank after releasing the fish and watched a Barn Owl some way off hovering over some undergrowth looking for a meal, such graceful birds.

The mint now in full flower still filling the air with aromas.

Slipping back into the water again after about 20 minutes I went back to the same spot where I hooked the trout to see if there was anything else in residence and within seconds of the nymphs hitting the water the line went tight and something heavy was pulling hard against my 3#.

I wasnt quite sure what it was at first as it was not running like a Trout or Grayling would, but staying deep with small lunges, then it clicked, possibly a chub!

A few moments later my thoughts were confirmed as I slipped the net under this very chunky chub.

The slack water had given me two fish would it give me a third? I waited 10 minutes or so before slipping back into the water again and flicked the nymphs upstream, first cast, 2nd cast then bang another fish, this time the distinct runs of another trout, it was heading to the willows for cover, I tried to position myself to get a better angle on the fish but he had already beaten me as the line went slack and he was off.

The dark nights are closing in on the Dale again and there was soon low light levels and it was only 8pm, so I decided to be on the safe side to get out and have a slow wander back to the car.

Im glad I took the decision to get a couple of hours on the bank despite the wind & level as the levels today..well lets just say it rained.

The view from the Camera 5 minutes ago!


  1. Well George looks like you made the right decision. Those outdoor natural fragrances can never be duplicated.
    I'm impressed with the gorgeous spotting on the brown.

    1. Cheers Alan, No they cannot be duplicated no matter how hard we try. The spots were lovely on this one, I have to agree.

  2. After a long weekend at work, looked forward to a great read and a glimpse of the Yorkshire dales

  3. Very nice George, I quite like a chub on the fly. I was down at my daughters this weekend for Southport flower show, and in the evening we went for dinner at a pub in a village that was a big part of my boyhood.
    Sat outside in the warm evening air I couldn’t resist walking up to the bridge to peer over, fishermen just have to dont they?
    Several years ago I spotted some large chub from the same bridge, pleased to see some again last night between 4 and 7lbs, private gardens both sides.

    1. only one person I know would admit to being from Lancashire so I guess the anonymous post is, cant beat peering over bridges, you always see so much.

  4. That river was filling up, you did well before the fish slipped into their foxholes while the spate subsided. Even in the photograph with the mint it has that glass full look to it. take your chances and opportunities when you can. Ironic after the big dry though. Regards, John

    1. oh it filled up alright John, went from 0.43m to 1.34m overnight. Even though just over 2 hours on the river it was great fun.


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