Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Up on the Moors

Harkerside Moor, Whitaside Moor & East Bolton Moor on Sunday morning for a 9.5 mile loop which saw me take in parts of Swaledale before crossing over the tops & briefly into Wensleydale before doubling back over the top again & into Swaledale.

The view from Harker Hill down onto Reeth.

The shooting hut was a welcome sight and nice to get out the headwind which was biting cold, even if only for 10 minutes or so rest.

well stocked up and ready for the fire to go on instantly if called upon.

A new friend which kept pestering me when I was sitting out the wind further along the route, I named him Larry the Grouse 😄

Further along the route I stumbled across this old kiln with commanding views up swaledale, testament to the guys who built them & worked here after all these years they are still standing.

a lot of controlled burning was taking place up on the moors, but thankfully the smoke heading off in the opposite direction of travel.

Another good few hours out with some mileage under the belt.

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