Monday 23 May 2022

Back in the Water

 Having spent the weekend getting things around the house & garden done then, taking the wife shopping yesterday to the Metro centre, today I had some Me time & that only meant one thing.....Fishing!

I did not want to be chucking nymphs around as I think this is what has added to my reluctance to get back to the fishing, nymphing just bores me dearly, so today it was all in for Dry fly fishing, hatch or not that was my chosen method.

Ready for the off.

I sat in a sheltered part of the river as there was a downstream wind blowing and waited to see if I could see any hatches and about 20 minutes into the waiting & watching I seen the first signs of a hatch, very sporadic & not much to talk about but fish were moving.

1st of the day, & they can only get bigger..I hoped!

There was a lot of small Grayling moving in the faster water, it was obvious they were Grayling by their smutting the surface & before long they started to interfere with the dry fly.

All in pristine condition but this wasnt what I was after so I headed away from them heading upstream to see what I could find.

 Making my way upstream it was evident that the river needed a good flush as there was weed all over the bottom of the river making the footing slightly hap hazard but I seen a decent fish rising at the top of a run, so getting low tot he water I sneaked up to within casting distance and after a couple of runs through it sipped the dry fly down.

Fish On, a nice brown trout

I sat for an hour scanning the stream to see if I could see any further fish moving and just as I was about to head home I seen a fish rising below me at the very bottom of a long flat, so waded down to I was just below him and started casting to him, the wind making things slightly difficult but after a short time, nailed the presentation and he took the fly on that pass.

A couple of lovely tout & a few hours back on the water with the dry flies, it was great to see the Oyster-catchers on the shingle banks & even got to glimpse 3 white egret flying downstream which was unusual as I only normally see one in this particular area. 

The hatch was very sporadic but did see a few yellow sallies and a couple of Mayflies hatching but nothing in any numbers.

A nice few hours back in the water


  1. The landscape pictures have been stunning, but great to see you back in the water!

    1. Thanks buddy appreciate your kind words, It is nice to be back on the water for sure.

  2. Hi George
    Looks like a really good trip out onto the water! Rising fish to your dry fly is the pinnacle of fly fishing on rivers - so glad you got amongst the fish.
    I've had some good dry fly action myself in the last couple of weeks. A trip to the Tees and several to the little river Leven have been a welcome distraction from pressures of work.
    Take care & stay safe

    1. Hi Alistair It was a nice few hours I have to say, hope all well with you & glad to see your out n about yourself, all the very best George


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