Sunday 13 November 2022

A few hours..

 As close friends know & anyone who follows Bedale & Beyond on social media, I have been out the game for the last 7 weeks with a torn ligament in my knee, so no walking or fishing. 

Last week after 6 weeks away I decided put my knee to the test & stretch the legs on an easy walk around upper Swaledale..

Never far from water

And with views like this certainly makes the pain disappear for a short while

Today after paying my respects to many unknown warriors and fallen colleagues now gone to the great Battery Bar in the sky, I wanted some alone time & I knew just the place....

Some peace & tranquilty without any real stress on my knee. The river was carrying a lot of extra water but that did not deter me & I headed to a run less than 50m in length which I knew fishes well in heavy water & it didnt disappoint.

Miniature Perfection for the 1st fish of the session getting steadily bigger

Oh how I have missed the beatiful Grayling

A couple of out of season trout took my flies followed by a couple of grayling which I lost & all I had taken was probably only taken around 8 - 10 steps since entering the river.

Another lady showing off her beauty.

they kept coming and I kept missing a few also.

Best fish of the day & a cracking few hours of peace & tranquilty.


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