Sunday, 24 April 2011

River Tees & Ure

The last week or so has been incredible weather for this time of year and the rivers are running below summer levels and gin clear. Yesterday decided to visit the Tees again for a few hours to test out the magnificient job that Dave Gordon has done with my vision waders which I sent him for repair and although the conditions were very bright managed to get 8 Brownies and an out of season Grayling but unfortunately lost the best fish of the day due to its aerial aerobatic display it did to seek its freedom.

Today the weather was even hotter so hung off till later in the day and went onto the Ure for a few hours and manged 6 small trout this evening all on dry fly. Nice to see the river looking so healthy with all the small fish but was saddened to see that most of them had battle scars from predators.

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