Sunday, 1 April 2012

Off & running only to get a false start.

Today I managed to get out for 3 hours on my new club's lower section and although the water was gin clear and well below normal levels I had some hopes of connecting with a fish as there are a few deeper pools where I knew fish would be lying after doing a bit of footwork yesterday to have a look over the virgin water.

The wind was blowing straight down the dale making casting a bit of hit & miss but after 20 minutes the line went taught and I was into my first fish, not a trout as I had hoped for but  a small Grayling.

 After releasing her I tried again in the pool and immediately hooked another fish and yet again another Grayling so a walk up the river away from the feeding Grayling we went.

As I rounded a corner just under the elevation of a field I heard a lot of commotion and as I looked up over the edge of the field I was within 20metres of grazing Geese, they hadn't sensed me and it was nice to sit and watch them go about there business without setting them off in a panic as what normally happens as you get close to them.

I never touched or seen another fish but wasn't disappointed as I learned a few things on the stretch with the water being so low and clear so although a bit of a false start in the Brown Trout season it was still a worth while educational visit for the future.

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