Sunday, 12 August 2012

Afternoon on The Ure

Decided seeing as the water was so low that I wouldn't do the full day fishing, but wait till later on in the afternoon and hopefully get more fish rising. Things didn't quite go to plan from the start, in my haste to get out after lunch I left the camera on the kitchen unit along with my bottle of water I normally take fishing so that was it no pics and gasping all afternoon.

The water was lower than what I've seen previously and where the water was normally streamy it was all but a slow moving glide and very shallow.
The kingfishers were loving the conditions and I sat for over 30 minutes watching them perch on various branches and dive down for the minnows which were easy prey for them.

The first fish I managed to tempt was a grayling of around 1.5lbs and for its size put up a  good fight, nice to see these fish recovering well and getting back to peak fitness after their spawning.

After that the river was really quiet and as I walked back to the car I spent an hour at a pool where I managed to pull out 3 small trout just bigger than your hand, a hard day and a thirsty day but a days fishing certainly beats sitting around the house or working.

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