Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Calendar Competition

I was persuaded by some friends to enter one of my pictures into a fishing calendar competition and low & behold I managed to get picked for the calendar itself.

I have to say I'm well chuffed with it and look to seeing the calendar in print.


  1. Well deserved George. Cracking photo.

  2. Fame but unfortunately no fortune...lol, just nice to see that something I took is admired by others, that's enough for me.

  3. I have to admit I like all your photographs and have started to think a little bit before taking each one of mine rather than just snapping away like a run away machine gun, hoping for the best!

    Have you ever thought of doing what they call 'coffee table' books? Filled with your photos and a short caption for each, I'd like to have one. I have quite a collection and rather than children's reading books, I use these to sit down with the boy; we read the captions together and talk about each picture. So much more interesting and a better learning experience.

    I'll wager Mr Gurn would agree with me!

  4. I dont take nowhere near enough photos for that kind of project, although its a good idea, you want to see some of the wildlife & fish pictures on a fly fishing forum I visit, I sit in awe at some of the pictures on there, Its worth joining the forum just for the pictures, its free, here is a link;

  5. Blimey, these amatuers could teach National Geographic a thing or two!

    Thank you very much for the link, George.

    I think I mentioned to you that I had dug a lake? Anyway, my mate 'Nice' Paul has just rocked up again in Angola, first stop my place to say hello (and I could surprise him with a bottle of Bombay Sapphire Vapour Infused Dry Gin that I had brought in and was saving for him) so I have a real mate here again in the bush and he will know exactly what I should stock the lake with and how so that we can fly fish (I am thick as the two short proverbial, by the way). First thing he asked me was if I had the seeds. These are for rushes, water bamboo, all the other plants we need to grow around the lake. I told him I had 8 kilograms of seed. He said a couple of packets would have sufficed. Like I said, I am a bit dense.

    Your articles on the hand made cane fly rods are fascinating and I want one. Badly!

    I would like to email the guy but don't know what to ask for (I am primarily a hunter shooting antelope et al and a sport fisherman the latter involving little more than cruising around offshore trailing lures al la Hemingway) so would really be grateful if you could advise me on what sort of rod and set up I would need to fish a two metre deep pond for fish that would weigh no more than a pound (the catfish will get in there, they always do and they will get heavier but they are bottom feeders).

  6. I dont have a clue about lake fishing mate to be honest but phone Gary & tell him what your looking for his wealth of knowledge is unbelievable, he will most certainly set you straight, I have to tell you though the wait on my rod was 15 months, but well worth the wait now seeing it being built, cant wait to get it from him and get out for the grayling with it.


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