Friday, 17 August 2012

Nymphs for Coloured water

As I explained earlier in the year I haven't tied a fly since 1998, but after visiting a friend and making up a few spiders, I decided this coming Grayling season that I wanted to see if I could tie up a few patterns myself and see if they would catch as there is nothing more satisfying than catching fish on tackle you have made yourself. Looking through a couple of books and using a bit of imagination I tied up these weighted bugs which am sure will tempt the Lady of the Stream in coloured water if nothing else.

The last fly the Pink Bug is a fly I always have in my Grayling box as its accounted for lots of good Grayling from many rivers throughout the years and when I seen the Flouro floss on Toby's stall at Lowther that's when I took the decision to get some made, a nice change from float making and rod refurbishment.

They wont win any prizes but if they catch some Grayling then that's all that matters.


  1. The skill of the man knows no bounds...

  2. like to keep my hand in Hippo :)


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