Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Now Im Seeing Spots

I'm beginning to think that all this fly tying is getting to me, a few days ago I was seeing red, now all I see is spots, but in this case I'm hoping they will benefit my health and improve this season's catch rate. I've always been an avid follower of using spider patterns and fishing with them, a dying art of upstream spider fishing.

I've been reading into the history of the Northern Country Spiders mainly on the Ure and they are not too dissimilar to the Clyde patterns I was brought up with, the Clyde patterns probably being a little bit more sparse than the North Country Spiders. With me now living beside and fishing the Ure I've started taking more of an interest in the North Country Spiders and of course trying to replicate them to the best of my ability and finished off another couple of patterns last night, certainly beats sitting watching the TV that's full of repeats and totally uninteresting, so here are my three latest offerings of North Country Spider patterns.

Red Spot Black Spider

                                                                        Green Spot Black Spider

                        Blades Purple Dun

A fly I had not heard of until I started researching the spider patterns and came across it in a writing about the Lost Flies of The Yorkshire Dales.

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