Monday, 1 April 2013

Seeing Red

Yesterday whilst out on my 1st Summer Walk of many I'm sure, I bumped into a fishing friend I see from time to time on the bank and during our time walking back up the river we got onto the subject of spiders and me tying my own flies again, I informed him of the spiders I had tied recently & he turned around and said to me  "You haven't got the Woodcock &  Red....shame on you! I know he was joking in the sense but he started to tell me that its a fly that does very well on the Upper reaches of the river and quickly produced his fly box and sure enough there they were a row of woodcock &  red spiders.

He went on to tell me I would be missing out on an opportunity if I didn't tie any up, so today with nothing better to do I went and started searching through the tying box and the other box of materials which I dont normally keep to hand and low and behold look what I came across.

A set of unused woodcock wings originally bought from McHardy of Carlisle, I can tell you they have been in a that box for more years than I care to remember, just goes to show you should never throw anything out...

So from that to this is a short period of time.

Now I wont get my ear bent about not having any Woodcock & Red, so lets see what they bring.

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