Saturday, 4 January 2014

1st of 2014

Well thats the first set of floats with this years date on them and they arent mine, which is very unusual as I normally make myself some but with my decrease in fishing last year of almost 13 weeks lost due to health reasons, my personal floats are still in good numbers.

1st set to get dated were a couple of Grayling Trotting floats, these will stay in the North East and am sure will be fishing some of the rivers I fish.

The next set are a set heading across the Pennines to Cumbria, to a gentleman who is just getting back into trotting after many years of being a fly only angler. I hope he enjoys the trotting as variety is definitely the spice of life.

The final set which have been nicknamed small a "la Gadger" are the final set heading North which I wrote about in an earlier Blog entry.

 Last night as the floats were drying and the TV was it usual episode of repeats or not even worth watching the fly vice came back out and I tied up a few more of the uncased caddis flies which I liked the look of as did one of my fly fishing partners.

 As a bit of a diverity from the yellow bodies I also made up a couple of white bodies ones, you just never know.

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