Wednesday, 2 December 2015

And a Few More

With the weather being the way it is and the Television an absolute disgrace, I often wonder why I bother paying a license! After the few long distance tutorials on float making to Canada I decided to take a break and get out the fly tying vice again so here is a few more recent tying's.

A couple of Utah Bugs in 2 different colours

A couple of dry palmered flies as recommended by Aki in Finland, apparently these get taken really well when big sedge hatches are going on, time will tell.

Another couple of dries to test out.

I had planned a road trip to fish the Clyde this weekend but it seems mother nature will dictate otherwise with heavy rain passing through on Friday and Saturday which will only add to the amount of water in the ground and I think from personal experience it will be a no go!


  1. Hello George

    I was going to try and get out tomorrow on my day off but I reckon the Tees will be in the fields by then :(

    I caught my first Grayling on a Utah killer Bug last Friday after a fair few attempts, and then lo and behold, got another on the next cast. Do you tie yours with wire instead of silk. I know that some people do. Also, what hook size do you go for?



    1. Well done mate, hopefully the first of many.
      All the rivers are the same mate, I was meant to be heading North to fish the Clyde, needless to say that's not going to happen, severe gale force winds and torrential heavy rain expected most of the weekend...just my luck! I tie mine with wire mate, no silk incorporated at all, I used to tie up my Chadwick nymphs in the same style, I mostly fish 16s &14s but have come down in higher water to 12s also, the current ones are for Finland and tied on a size 10.


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