Monday, 7 December 2015

Weekend road trip rather wet.

My wife and I had always planned to go to Scotland this weekend, primarily to take Christmas presents back to the family and sort things before the new year as we don't get up as often as we used to, as Friday got closer I knew in my own mind I wouldn't get my usual couple of days on the River Avon & Clyde in search of the Grayling, so the car was considerably more empty than usual on the way home.
The first obstacle we hit was the signs on the A66 Trans Pennine route directing high sided vehicles not to cross due the high winds and torrential rain, needless to say all didn't take heed and paid the price by turning their lorries on their sides blocking the road for several hours...I'm glad nobody got hurt which could quite easily have been the case if the thing had flipped over onto a car as it was passing alongside but some folk just think they know better and disregard the 20ft flashing signs! Thankfully I know the back roads around that area and it only added an hour or so onto the journey.

Safely arriving in Scotland some 6 hours after a driving experience I don't care to experience again for some time, a journey which normally takes 3 hours. Cumbria & south west Scotland had taken a beating and more was to come over the weekend.

Saturday seen me travelling to pick up some merchandise that had been designed for me by Karen and Barrie at BF Graphics in Airdrie.
The warm welcome given was great and the numerous cups of coffee made it a pleasure. I had asked them to design a logo for the flee & float to put onto letterheads, and other little niceties I have planned for 2016 and asked if they could do a trial t shirt to see what the logo came out like, Nothing was too much trouble and this was the result. If ever you want anything from a car wrapped to a pair of personalized flip flops for the beach then give them a call, you wont regret it!



And as I had promised them both a modelling of the t shirt on my return home, I must keep my word.

And look what I found hiding next to the printing machine.......

A few nymphs will benefit from this & it saved me a trip to the fishing shop.....just goes to show small businesses such as BF Graphics go out their way to help  with a warm friendly service.

Sunday seen us cut the trip short & head home and what greeted us in the daylight travelling back made us very thankful that our house is on a hill, The river Eden around Carlisle was no longer a river but a continuous lake that went on for miles. The  river Eamont at Penrith wasn't quite as bad but had still burst its banks and back in our own Wensleydale the River Ure had broken the highest levels recorded over the weekend.

Just some of the photographs posted on social media by people working and living in the Dale.

The river Ure now lake Ure

Just some of the engineers trying to keep things running....and the Merc in the background.......No it didn't make it....

Slightly south of us at Malham Cove, it had a waterfall over the weekend, first time in over 200 years this has event has ever happened!

I don't think I will be fishing anytime soon and the list of devastation to homes and roads etc is endless and I hope everyone effected is safe and well.

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