Sunday, 4 August 2019

After the Storm

I honestly didn't think I would get out this week with the deluge of water that has fell on the Dales & the destruction it has caused with whole communities affected, bridges washed out & roads subsiding. I had no plans for this weekend and had resolved myself to the fact it would be another day out on the hills walking, but a walk out last night changed my thinking on that when I headed east slightly over to the Cleveland hills for a few hours and bumped into someone I hadn't seen in years.

A couple of shots over Roseberry Topping and the purple heather out in full bloom.

After a chat with a friend last night who I bumped into by sheer chance, we got talking of the conditions of the rivers and how we used to fish them in all states, so with this in mind I decided to head out today and see where it got me.

The rivers were all still higher than usual with the rains and decided to try& find more clear water.

It was a day for nymphs which slightly lightened the waistcoat as I stripped everything out apart from one box of nymphs & a few bits & pieces.

It wasnt long until I started hitting small fish and they came thick and fast with almost 10 fish within the first hour falling for my middle dropper.

A nice selection of both small trout & grayling.

And within 2 hours into the fishing I had caught over 30 fish, nothing of any size but great sport nevertheless, most falling to the middle dropper and in varying depths of water.

I was sitting on the bank soaking up the sun as it poked its head out from behind a cloud and I thought I saw an otter at first but as I focused closer I saw it was a mink on the far bank making its way in & out of the entangled tree roots which were dipping into the water, almost 10 minutes I watched it as it weaved in & out of the roots I suspect foraging for food.

It was a nice distraction from the fishing and took the stress off my shoulders for a few moments but it was time to get back to it and I decided to head upstream to a point then call it a day.

I was searching out a pool as the line went taught and I knew immediately that this was no small fish as it kicked back initially as I lifted the rod. Sure enough a decent fish on!

After a few speedy deep runs and some acrobatics I finally slipped the net under this lovely wild trout. The deep red spots immediately jumping out at me as it lay in the net.

A couple of quick photographs and off it went back to the deep to give sport another day.

That really topped my day off and I doubt I could better it but nevertheless decided to fish on to the point I had decided.

Another few smaller Trout & Grayling succeeded the big trout and on the final cast another better than average Grayling graced my net before I called it quits.

Almost 40 fish to the net in the space of 3.5 hours on the river and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, with the big trout being the highlight of the morning.
Best part of it all I had the full river to myself as I never seen a sole.


  1. Hi George

    I gave the dales a miss this weekend after driving backwards and forwards over the Swale, Ure, Wharfe and Nidd several times this week. All looked quite swollen (the Swale in particular looked like a mini Mississippi!). The little River Leven was a good level (0.23m on the Foxton Bridge gauge) if a bit coloured. I popped down for a couple of hours on Friday after work for a couple of Trout and (a 1st for me on the Leven) a small Chub(!). Looking at the stamp of your fish I should have made the trek up to Teesdale!

    Love the pictures of Roseberry Topping and the Cleveland Plain by the way, such a stunning vista up there (if you ignore the Teesmouth industry!) - it has reminded me that we need to head out onto the moors and get picking bilberries before they all go!

    The family and I are off to the Lammermuirs next week, when I get back we must start planning our meeting (work owe me several TOIL days).

    Thanks for posting


    1. Hi Alistair, I had no intentions of fishing for the exact same reasons as you did but after the chance meeting on Friday night I took a punt & it paid off, funnily enough my mate was there for the exact same reason your on about, Bilberry picking, his whole family were there & I could see why they were literally everywhere, I kneeled down to take a picture and when I stood up I was covered in bilberry juice. Am sure Lammermuirs will be nice if the weather stays good for you, enjoy.
      all the best

  2. Cracking fishing and the photos

  3. Well done George - who dares wins! the big fish was a stunner.

    1. Thanks Simon, I doubt any of us will get out this weekend with the weather predictions :(


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