Sunday, 11 July 2021

Feet Wet

 With all the media hype of football on TV & Radio,  for somebody that cannot abide the game at all no matter what nation is playing I had to get away & currently carrying an injury the mountains were ruled out so after a long break (9th April) being the last trip out with the rod. 

I opted to get my feet wet again.

The rivers were are low and I knew it would be a day of not much fish moving but I was determined to get a wet net.

I certainly didn't need any net for the first 5 fish that rose to my small dry fly.  Par seemed to be the only thing taking terrestrials off the surface.
I made my way down the mile & a half length of club water I was fishing without seeing any decent fish break the surface so at my turning point I opted to go sub surface & adopt a nymph set up.

Moving back upstream to the first decent bit of deeper water I concentrated on the high oxygenated parts of the water & sure enough within a few moments lifted into my first decent fish of the day, which turned out the be a Grayling.

I continued to fish the faster water & struck into a further 3 Grayling but on my haste to get out I hadn't charged the battery on the camera, thinking that it would be OK, I was wrong the camera did not even have enough power to open up the lens shutter. Not to worry they were OK fish but no record breakers so I wasnt disappointed about not getting a photograph but I did manage to get my net wet & thats what I had come for.

A nice couple of hours away from all the media hype  Now the TV is off & Im sat typing up the blog, what could be better.


  1. Glad you're back on the bank George. I had a dabble on a river local to us both on Sunday night (sacrilege I know) and struggled in the broken water on the nymph, managing a smallish brownie. As it got dusky a decent rise started in the top pool and I manged 3 trout and a grayling on a dry fly so went home happy. I must have missed about twenty rises though which was frustrating.



  2. Hi Dave, Glad you got amongst them. I really enjoyed my short time out & really am looking forward to this Grayling season when I will endeavour to get out more, the trout season doesn't really bother me as my passion as you know is the Grayling. Tight lines mate.
    Cheers George

  3. Hi George

    Good to see you out on the river and getting those boots a bit damp!

    With work commitments and the glorious (if you are not a fisherman) weather I have hardly had chance to get out myself. I did get down to the little river Leven at the weekend, but I spooked more fish than I covered!

    Take care and stay safe


    1. Hi Alistair thanks for dropping in, Aye got out onto the river again, I know what you mean by work & weather, Im so looking forward to some water & a break to get out more. Take care buddy.
      cheers George


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