Monday 6 June 2022

Nursing an Injury

 I was out n about last weekend and managed to aggravate an old knee injury which kind of spoiled where I wanted to walk to so I had to settle for IMHO probably the best vista in The Yorkshire Dales.


Not a bad view to sit & pass the time of day to, but wasnt where I had planned to go, as the sunset was meant to be glowing & I had a higher vantage area picked out but alas I had to settle for here....It was a hard decision! 😄

This week after a complete week of resting my leg (If ever I could in my job) & popping a few ibuprofen I had planned on a leisurely day at the fishing but  water levels were so low & the sun so bright I opted out of decided to head over to Swaledale & do some land rover track walking in the hills, plenty to go at & some interesting stuff to see if you know where to look.

1st place I came across was this old thatched barn which I thought was just full of character.

A couple of miles further on & we were into the mining area that swaledale was once famous for.

Old gang smelting mill with the long peat storage building high up on the hills.

some of the levels still accessible today , if you have the right gear & expertise to explore.

heading higher & deeper into the high moors its amazing what mining relics you come across with this old stone crusher still sitting where it once worked.

Time to chill for the night so what better place to sit than high up on the moors beside an 1820 built  dam that was once used to hold back water for the smelting mill far below.

14 miles in total, & the knee isnt too bad either.


  1. nice to see you oot n aboot mate

    1. Cheers Larry, Hope all well with you & the family & looking forward to the retirement, not long now, enjoy mate.


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